Since World War II, the Jeep® has been the all-around go-anywhere vehicle. But as the sport of four-wheeling has evolved, the trails have gotten tougher and the Jeeps have evolved to meet the challenge. Most Jeep modifications start out as home-made, DIY projects. And as hardcore rock-crawling began to grow in popularity during the 1990’s, many Jeep® enthusiasts were starting to “armor” their Jeeps to withstand the punishment of these tougher trails.  
Poison Spyder’s origins took shape among these early rock-crawling pioneers. It was a company that was born of a need for innovative, armor-tough, high performance Jeep accessories that could handle the punishment being dished out by the latest hardcore trails from California to Colorado. Rock crawlers quickly discovered that while bumpers needed to be tough, they also needed to be tight to the Jeep, to keep from hanging up on obstacles. The result: gone are the fat tube full width bumpers, in favor of high clearance, low-drag bumpers made of tough steel plate. Gone are diamond-plate body panels, as those who really use their Jeeps found they not only grip the rocks but easily bend or tear. In their place are armor panels made of smooth, cold hard steel to both protect the Jeep’s body and also allow it to slide over the rocks rather than hang up on them.
Many ideas that first took shape in Jeepers’ garages were first commercially produced as a Poison Spyder product. The Tube Fender, upon which most of the Jeep armor industry was based, first found commercial success as a Poison Spyder product. And many of our product brand names have almost reached generic-term status since they were first-to-market and the standard by which all competitors are judged. Crusher Corners, Rocker Knockers, Stingers, and the term “Comp Cut”, for example, were all first coined by Poison Spyder, setting the pace for the rest of the industry to follow.
In 2009 Poison Spyder entered a new chapter when Larry and Cheri McRae bought the brand and set up shop in southern California. Since then, the McRae’s have guided the company through further innovation and impressive growth. While continuing to service the legacy of the early Jeep Wranglers and CJ’s the company was founded upon, the growing popularity of the JK Wrangler, and Poison Spyder’s innovations to armor it, have fueled the company’s rise from a niche manufacturer to an industry leader. It’s products have continued to evolve, for example the venerable Tube Fender, originally pioneered by Poison Spyder, has since been replaced by the even tougher, better-looking all-plate DeFender product line.
The relentless pursuit of innovation drives Poison Spyder. The company is always looking for the latest development in manufacturing technology, the next step in the state of the art of Jeep armor design, the next great idea for bringing its products to the Jeep enthusiast community.

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